Technical Work Programme of MASA


This three-year technical work program endorsed by the High Level Officials Meeting to establish the Micronesian Association for Sustainable Aquaculture (MASA) on 23-24 November 2015 and adopted by First Meeting of the Association on 25 November 2015.

It reflects the common priorities of the Micronesian sub-region. It was thus designed to address these common priorities of the member governments even as it also seeks to find resolution to unique national or territorial problems that may have regional relevance.   Its formulation involved the participation of representatives of the governments and other relevant institutions.  The vision for aquaculture development and the mission of the Association are stated and the key results, namely, its Impact,  Outcome,  and Objectives (categorized into Social, Economic, Ecological and Institutional) are described.  Thirteen Outputs are defined and 33 activities proposed.  The indicative cost of the Program is US$ 1 M over the three-year period. The Program shall be coordinated by the Secretariat of MASA, implemented in government centers, institutions and stations, and supported from the core fund and largely from specific projects that shall be developed with this Work Program providing the strategic guide and broader justification.